Fixed Log In button behavior when an unauthorized user tried to create a post.


Our documentation has moved to our own documentation portal:

In the near future we will finalize the admin part of the portal and make it available to our customers as a service.


Previously in the roadmap you could select from 2 to 4 columns, now you can even create a roadmap with one column.

This is not really a roadmap, but rather a list, but it can have a number of useful applications:

1. Mini changelog. If you don't want to bother with writing posts, you can just post a link to the roadmap from one status "Done".
Here is an example of such a roadmap, it shows all completed requests for Productroad itself:

2. Inbox. You can choose one column with "New" status, make such roadmap private and show it only inside the team.

As a reminder, all roadmaps can be displayed on the home page, as well as flexibly set up access rights for them.

Perhaps you have your own ideas for using this type of roadmap, post them in the comments.


Each roadmap column header now has a plus sign button. By pressing it, you can select a board and add a post at once with the desired status. This should save you time if you've started a feature but haven't had time to run it through the status pipeline.


We've added the ability for the user to see all the posts they've created. In the user menu, which opens when you click on your name at the top, there is a new item: My Posts.

If the user hasn't created any posts yet, they will see the available boards where they can leave their feedback.